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Life Is Strange True Colors Cracked Full PC Download Free 2023

Life Is Strange True Colors Cracked Full PC Download Free 2023

Life Is Strange True Colors Cracked Full PC Download Free 2023

Life Is Strange True Colors Cracked is an action-adventure game. You are about to enter a new era. Here are some brand-new main characters for you to play. This game will force you to think and understand because you have to solve a thrilling puzzle. A character named Alex Chen has hidden his curse from the world for a long time.

You are given an extraordinary supernatural ability. By using this power, you can do anything. First, infiltrate people’s emotions and try to manipulate them. Now you can control their mental abilities. But after some time, the story of this game takes a new turn because the protagonist’s brother dies in a so-called accident.

It is essential to investigate the accident that happened to him. Alex must discover the facts to uncover the hidden truths. But doing all this is not easy; she needs to rely on her unstable power. All these incidents took place in a small town. Use your abilities and prepare an excellent plan to investigate this incident.

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Life Is Strange True Colors Download Free 2023

There are many dark secrets buried in this small town. Could you bring them to the world? Make difficult decisions and stick to them to improve the future. You may have to pay a heavy price for your judgments. Take the necessary steps ahead of time to deal with any problematic situation. Then, you are free to roam the streets, shops, and hidden places of Haven Springs.

While touring there, you will have the opportunity to meet some unforgettable characters. Many suspects have fled the village since the tragic accident. Now it is more complex than ever for you to find important information. The police are also constantly trying to capture those involved in this incident. The matter has become very complicated.

Use the power of your brain to solve it. You have to keep your power secret from the whole world. Don’t let everyone know about it; otherwise, they will try to stop you from achieving your goals. Eventually, you will overcome all difficulties. But you don’t have to stop. Continue your journey with your unique friends. Try to discover the mysterious world of Dahna.

In this unique world, the natural environment changes its shape during the day. Travel to rocky areas and swim in rivers to find out the facts. The beautiful background music makes Life Is Strange True Colors Download Free more mysterious.


  • Enter a new era of an action-adventure games.
  • Choose one of the many main characters and solve puzzles.
  • Try to hide your extraordinary supernatural powers from the world.
  • Control people’s emotions by infiltrating their minds.
  • Investigate the accidental death of the protagonist’s brother.
  • Discover the facts to uncover the hidden truths.
  • Make difficult decisions and stick to them for a better future.

Life Is Strange True Colors Screenshots:

Life Is Strange True Colors Cracked Full PC Download Free 2023


With a brand-new playable protagonist character and an exciting mystery to uncover, a brave new chapter of the critically acclaimed Life is Strange game starts!

Alex Chen has long repressed her “curse,” which is the paranormal capacity to feel, take in, and control the intense emotions of others, which she perceives as bright, vibrant auras.

When her brother is killed in an alleged accident, Alex must embrace her unpredictable gift to learn the truth and reveal the sinister mysteries a tiny village has kept hidden.


Explore the horrific truths surrounding your brother’s death in a thrilling, emotional journey.


The following is how the creators characterize the content:

In the story adventure Life is Strange: True Colors, Alex Chen, a young lady with a remarkable supernatural ability, can feel the intense emotions of people. While Alex’s talent may sometimes result in very happy moments, it also forces her into the sphere of violent Anger, drastically changing Sadness and uncontrollable Fear. Alex will experience calm transcendence as she explores Haven Springs’ mysteries and unearths its secrets. However, she will also be dragged into shockingly violent flashes that have long-lasting repercussions. Strong language, drug references, provocative themes, and alcohol usage are also included in the game.

Life Is Strange True Colors Cracked Full PC Download Free 2023

Life Is Strange True Colors Cracked Full PC Download Free 2023

Life Is Strange True Colors Cracked 2023

Alex utilizes her talents on Mac, who was at work the night of the explosion and claimed not to have gotten Gabe’s call, to elicit information regarding the circumstances surrounding Gabe’s death. She learns that Mac tried to respond to the call, but his Typhon superiors disregarded him and allowed the explosion to happen; Typhon is now aggressively disguising its involvement in Gabe’s murder and pressing Mac to remain silent. Alex focuses on Diane after getting the help of Ryan and Steph. She takes Diane’s USB drive, which is filled with a tape of Gabe’s call and a message from Diane’s supervisor ordering her to disregard the matter and carry out the plan as it is. Pike subsequently arrests Alex for stealing and computer fraud. Still, she is freed after either signing an affidavit to end her inquiry or using her abilities to make Pike no longer fear Typhon.

Life Is Strange True Colors Cracked Full PC Download Free 2023

System Requirements:

  • Processor: AMD FX-8350 or better.
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (64-bit).
  • Memory: 8GB.
  • Graphics: Radeon RX 590 or better.
  • DirectX: Version 11 or relevant.
  • Storage: 30GB.

How to Download and Install Life is Strange True Colors:

  • Click on the download button to start downloading.
  • After downloading, extract and click on the game installer for installation.
  • During the installation, allow any specific directory to install this game.
  • After a successful installation, play and enjoy this game.

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