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My Very Own Light PC Download With Cracked 2023

My Very Own Light PC Download With Cracked 2023

My Very Own Light PC Download With Cracked 2023

My Very Own Light PC Download is a 3D adventure-based puzzle game. This game is based on cunning, profound observation, and learning. In this, you are going to play the role of poor William. He is not under normal circumstances. Extraordinary events are happening around him. Half of his brain is trapped in a lantern. You live in a world where horror literature is valued.

Separate your ways from your intelligence. Take control of this hemisphere wisely. But to make your place here, you have to solve countless puzzles. You will encounter some mysterious secret hosts. They cannot be easily trusted. But now they want help from you. Be careful. Depending on a stranger too quickly can be harmful. Your journey is going to change your life.

Make sure you know what kind of steel you’re made of before embarking on a journey. You are being provided with 32 different environments. First, explore an area of more than nine hectares. It took four years to make them all. This is a fort that covers an area of 1.3 hectares. There are 152 rooms and 170 windows in this vast fort. Various large towers are in different locations.

My Very Own Light PC Download With Cracked 2023

Several deep underground galleries must be explored. There are over three hundred puzzle sets to test your mental ability. Prepare yourself to solve 33 different puzzles. Over time, your team grows from one to five people. You will pick up a lot of elements with your hands and move them from one place to another. On your way, you will find small pieces of information to solve the puzzles.

Change your destiny by solving all the problems. However, confrontation with many enemies and influential personalities can prove fatal. The number of enemies is now 82. Each of them has its unique graphics. It takes courage to cross more than 30 well-designed levels. You have to be aware of the inner trenches while traveling. Get a beautiful experience of adventure inside this magnificent castle.

Try to overcome your enemies. Utilize all of your abilities to immerse yourself in complete and deep knowledge. You may also encounter horrible literature while studying. If you want, you can also live with another friend. There is a lot of emphasis on observation in My Very Own Light Download Free. Use existing facilities to explore your surroundings.

Key Features:

  • A puzzle game that will confuse your mind.
  • Discover the dark paths of the mysterious castle.
  • Emerge as a force against your enemies and defeat them.
  • If you wish, you can live with your strange friend.
  • Use the accessories around you as you journey.

Important Characteristics:

  • Systems that are Sokoban-inspired.

Mirror and laser arrays:

  • Current and water level mechanisms
  • systems that rotate the surroundings and slide problems.

Scales and gear sets:

  • Pass through 30 intricately built and interconnected levels, including the Inner Moats, the Wing of the Courtesans, and the Occult Chambers.
  • Throughout a 50-hour quest, uncover their many tunnels as well as the many secrets that exist in the castle.

My Very Own Light Download Free Screenshots:

My Very Own Light PC Download With Cracked 2023

My Very Own Light PC Download With Cracked 2023


  • You take on the role of hapless William, whose half of his brain has been imprisoned in a bizarre lantern, in an unusual 3D puzzle adventure-vania based on autonomous learning, ingenuity, and observation.
  • You awaken in a majestic building that prominently displays significant horror works of literature.
  • Learn to let go of your better half and use wisdom to rule this globe!
  • Will you be able to solve all of the place’s many puzzles?
  • Will you believe in the mysterious hosts who will beg for your assistance?
  • As you go off on the fantastic trip of My Very Own Light, you will discover what kind of steel you are made of.

My Very Own Light PC Download With Cracked 2023

My Very Own Light PC Download With Cracked 2023

System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel i5 3.1 GHz Quad-core or better.
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. (64-bit).
  • Memory: 4GB.
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 950 or better.
  • DirectX: Version 11 or relevant.
  • Storage: 4GB.

How to Download and Install?

  1. Click on the download button to start a quick download.
  2. After downloading, extract and click on the game installer to install this game.
  3. During the installation, you can allow any specific directory for installation.
  4. After successful installation, play and enjoy this game.

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