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Planet Stronghold 2 Free Download PC Game 2022

Planet Stronghold 2 Free Download PC Game 2022

Planet Stronghold 2 Free Download PC Game is the latest installment in Winter Wolves’ first sci-fi VN/RPG series. Enjoy complete freedom in the selection of players. Start your journey as a male or female character. In addition, you can make extensive customizations for your chosen character. For example, personalize his outfit and basic abilities. Play as a male character and fall in love with lovely ladies such as Rebecca, Rumi, Lakadema, Milo, Cliff, and Shiller. You can also romance Damien, Milo, Tom, Ave, Lakadema, and Michelle if you choose a female character. You have to use non-combat skills to advance in a branching plot.

Planet Stronghold 2 Download Free is challenging and based on mutually exclusive choices. In the gameplay, you can play outside combat as per your choice. The game is based on isometric map exploration, or you could call it a “Visual Novel Mode.” A long time had passed when I saved the colony of Planet Stronghold from the Descorian threat. Over time, Lisa/Joshua Nelson has now become captain. But this greater rank comes with greater responsibilities. There is indeed no threat to the colony of the Discordians. However, the settlement is still at risk of collapsing due to limited water supplies, food scarcity, and political instability. Furthermore, alien factions across the planet began competing with Nelson and their team for these resources.

Planet Stronghold 2 PC Gameplay Free Download

Planet Stronghold 2 PC Version Free will also see a more reluctant and jaded Nelson begin to question their various alliance choices in exciting ways. A series of earthquakes is another major threat. Scientists are concerned about the planet’s future. This could be the beginning of a significant change. These earthquakes have the potential to destroy all life on Earth. As stated in the game title, you must save your colony from various threats such as aliens and earthquakes. Use the new isometric map to your advantage and discover new resources. Craft new weapons and valuable items to fight against hostile aliens and other humans. Enjoy a branching plot and choose the starting conditions at the beginning.

Planet Stronghold 2 Crack Mac has many alien factions vying for precious resources with Nelson and his team. For several years, planet Stronghold’s colony has been saved from the Descorian threat. Lisa/Joshua Nelson is now a Captain, but with greater power comes greater responsibility. Even without the Descorians, the colony faces water scarcity, food scarcity, and political instability. In addition, a series of earthquakes has scientists worried that the planet will undergo a significant change that could wipe out all life. Players choose their Captain Nelson (Joshua or Lisa), hero’s job class, and one of two alliances from the first Planet Stronghold. The game saves your progress and allows you to continue from where you left off.

Planet Stronghold 2 Cracked Version Free Download

Planet Stronghold 2 Latest Version is a story-driven, choice-heavy game. But those are just the beginning. Nelson’s every interaction with another character can potentially impact the plot somehow. For example, sharing a few drinks with a friend makes Nelson slightly tipsy in later scenes, to the point where other characters notice and comment. The truth may have unfortunate consequences for potential diplomatic relations, depending on approaching an optional interview. Actions taken to complete a quest may be judged by other characters, increasing or decreasing their likelihood of supporting Nelson’s cause. Planet Stronghold 2 Pc Game Full Version has multiple endings and outcomes based on choices made throughout the game, especially near the end.

Planet Stronghold 2 Pc Game Full Version allows for endless replayability for those seeking as many different routes and romances as possible. Players can continue in an existing relationship or start from scratch as the sequel progresses. Lisa started with the Human Empire and single, but I courted the spy Ave as the story went. Finally, I allied with the aliens of Planet Stronghold and Prince Cliff. When I played Planet Stronghold 2 twice, I was amazed at how seamlessly the romance and various plot points interacted.


  • Play as a male or female character with proper customization.
  • Personalize the outfit and rudimentary abilities of your chosen character.
  • Branching plot with mutually exclusive choices.
  • Compete with aliens and human factions.
  • Save your planet from all potential threats.
  • Use the map to discover resources.

Choosing one alliance over the other significantly influences several key story scenes, allowing endless replayability. For example, if you support the Empire, most aliens on the planet will hate you. So choose aliens from the start. Life on Planet Stronghold will be very different. But, whatever you choose, you might be able to escape Planet Stronghold alive in the end.

Planet Stronghold 2 Free Download Screenshots:

Planet Stronghold 2 Free Download PC Game 2022

Planet Stronghold 2 Free Download PC Game 2022

Planet Stronghold 2 Free Download PC Game 2022

Planet Stronghold 2 Free Download PC Game 2022

System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3/i5 (2.5Ghz) or better.
  • OS: Windows 7, 8,10, 11 64-bit.
  • Memory: 1GB RAM.
  • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card or higher.
  • DirectX: Version 9.0.
  • Storage: 150MB.

How to Download and Install Planet Stronghold 2 Free:

  1. Click on the download link to start downloading.
  2. After successful download, extract the game installer (.exe).
  3. Double-click on the game installer to install.
  4. Select a directory for the game installation by clicking next.
  5. Finally, play the full version game.
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