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Source Of Madness Download Free Full PC Game 2022

Source Of Madness Download Free Full PC Game 2022

Source Of Madness Free is a dark action game based on madness. This game depicts a strange and twisted world in which AI machine learning has revolutionized. Play the role of a person who embarks on a dream journey. Uncover the mysteries of this world. Here you will face terrible monsters who constantly change their form and never look the same. All the monsters have been created for a specific purpose. In this world, time moves forward only when you move. If your health has deteriorated due to any damage, there is nothing to restore. You are alone in this wilderness. There is no one here except you. You have to snatch weapons from your enemies to fight them. Your enemies want to burn this wilderness to ashes.

Your supervisor is always present over a small, handheld radio to help you. This is the only way you are connected to the rest of the world. You immediately investigate the problem when you see something wrong in the forest. Try to find answers to the questions of this strange environment. Your decisions will decide your success or failure. Only the best strategy can stop this rampant destruction. But it is not so easy to leave evil and come to good. You have to pay the price. Henry has begun searching for the fire in the Wyoming wilderness. Your job is to sit on the top of a high mountain all day and see if there is a fire in nature.

Look closely at everything. If you see smoke somewhere, think it is on fire, especially when everything is dry in the summer, the risk of fire increases. They are here to destroy this world. AI-based characters make this game realistic. This world full of looting and magic is ready to present a scene of destruction. Try to uncover the deepest secrets of this fascinating world. The game tells the story of 1989. It was a year that brought a lot of trouble. In this story, you are playing the role of a man named Henry.

Source Of Madness Download Crack Free 2022

Who has forsaken evil and taken the path of good? My 5700 XT was able to run Source of Madness at 144fps/1080p without stuttering, and I’m sure it could have gone even higher if it hadn’t been capped at my display refresh rate. While much of this performance may be ascribed to 2D games’ typically low hardware needs, I believe the developers should be commended for how smooth Source of Madness runs for an early access title, especially one at the outset of its early access adventure. Source of Madness is a technologically excellent game. Still, it is unsuited for the ordinary gamer due to a lack of a unified vision and an overreliance on shock and gore. The Loam Lands, a warped Lovecraftian-inspired realm powered by procedural generation and AI machine learning, is the setting for Source of Madness, a side-scrolling dark-action rogue-lite.

Assume the role of a new acolyte as they go on a terrifying adventure. Discover the cosmic secrets of the clay lands and the strange fortress of the moon, the Tower of Madness. The fearsome monsters you encounter are created using procedural generation and animated using neural network AI. Explosive melee magic, a labyrinthine world to explore, powerful treasure management, and a skill tree brimming with abilities, classes, and spells. The exciting realm of the Loam Lands is depicted in a stunning AI-assisted graphical style, exposing rich esoteric lore as players unravel its many secrets. The game Source of Madness is odd and intriguing. Would you like to explore a world filled with eldritch monsters, strange creatures, and frightening areas? Furthermore, everything of this is controlled by neural network AI, including texturing and opponent behaviors.

It’s an exciting concept for the genre, but is it worthwhile to play? Because the game is a rogue-lite, the following is the core gameplay loop. You choose one of three characters to start as, then use blood from previous runs to purchase enhancements. New classes, improvements to current courses, health flasks, and other items fall into this category. It’s easy to see why the game has been compared to Dark Souls and Diablo. The unsettling mood of a bleak, dark fantasy world. The ferocious and weird foes. Even the dialogue that appears when you enter a new zone is based on Dark Souls. On the left and right-click, two ring slots provide you with your spells. Because the game is still in early access, the content isn’t fully fleshed out, with only the first act done. At times, combat can feel a little too airy and strange. Getting out of action and navigating around the map might sometimes be a bit clumsy.


  • A dark action game based on madness.
  • Immerse yourself in a strange, twisted world where AI and machine learning have revolutionized.
  • Fight horrible monsters that do not always stay the same.
  • A unique journey from evil to good.
  • A world where you are alone, and you have no friends.
  • As soon as you see the smoke, go out of the fire.
  • No new life on any damaged property.
  • A mysterious world is full of demonic powers.

Source Of Madness Download Free Screenshots:

Source Of Madness Download Free Full PC Game 2022

Source Of Madness Download Free Full PC Game 2022

Source Of Madness Download Free Full PC Game 2022

Source Of Madness Download Free Full PC Game 2022

System Requirements:

  • Processor: Core i5 Processor, Intel i5 or better.
  • OS: Windows 7,8,10, and 11 64bit.
  • Memory: 4GB.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, Intel HD 4000 or better.
  • DirectX: Version 9.1.
  • Storage: 500MB

How to Download and Install Source of Madness:

  1. Click on the download button and start downloading this game.
  2. After downloading, click on the game installer for a quick installation.
  3. You can allow any specific directory to install this game.
  4. After installation, you are ready to play and enjoy.
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