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Timberborn PC Game Download Free Full Version 2022

Timberborn PC Game Download Free Full Version 2022

Timberborn PC Game Download Free Full Version is a game that lets you define a real-time Urban Development strategy. Your task is to lead a group of beavers who want to build a new Civilization in a new place. The game focuses on an unusual world of beavers. They are intelligent creatures, and you must play the beaver’s helper. First, they searched for a new place in the world for their new civilization. Finally, after long searching, they found a place to build a city and settle in contemporary society. In the gameplay, you will help the beavers to do this difficult task. Please choose from the available Beaver races and help them find a new place, build a city, and set their new civilization. If you look at the gameplay, it feels very simple.

The game is based on the simple mechanics of the genre. Everything here comes down to the normal process, like you will start by finding a place, creating settlements, finding resources, building houses, creating a production chain, and much more. In addition, the game is very environmentally friendly. All the main tasks you will perform in the game are very natural. Interestingly, everything is built from a tree that you will find in an incredible amount around you. When you complete the construction, the city’s beauty will amaze you. Explore the lives of individual simulations of the inhabitants during their day, and then celebrate the day the next generation arrives!

Timberborn PC Game Full Version 2022 Download

Wooden houses, green trees, and bridges on ponds will make the atmosphere more beautiful and worth seeing. All the gameplay revolves around beavers and the settlement of their new civilization. Obviously, in Timberborn, problems will come, and you have to solve them socially. In addition, you have to ensure that the new inhabitants have enough resources, work, and entertainment. It is also necessary to check whether there are enough houses for the new residents. Finally, you have to put a close eye on the numbers of the growing communities.

Beavers will die after a specific time, and others will take their place. In this game, you will find random events, a perfect storyline, and much more. The game will become more interesting as you progress in the gameplay. Beaver societies are one of two factions of beavers: nature-friendly Folktails or the grueling Iron Teeth. Each of the factions has its design, architecture, and gameplay characteristics. Pick the one that best suits your style of play! Dry and wet seasons. Overcome terrible droughts using the water skills that beavers inherited from their ancestors for millennia.

Timberborn PC Gameplay Free Download 2022

Plan your camp for the possibility of droughts occurring repeatedly. Ensure you have enough food to keep your forests and fields alive when rivers are dry. Rely on natural water sources and artificial irrigation to make the land accessible. Beavers who control rivers shortly have years of knowledge in water engineering. Set up floodgates and dams, Dig canals with explosives, and redirect rivers to bring life to the deserted areas. Vertical architecture Make a bustling beaver colony using the vertical architecture method. Changing river courses and creating dykes and canals with explosives will be possible in the future for beavers.

There is limited space, so you can stack workshops and lodges on top of one another, create bridges and platforms, and create the power grid to serve the growing population. Day and night cycles Create an efficient multi-district city with production lines and night-time activities. Beaver health An evolutionary beaver’s way of life is not limited to “work, sleep and chomp on wood.” Meet the needs of your rodents by providing them with a balanced diet, decorating monuments, decorations, and much more. However, beware of uncontrolled torrents, which may be more dangerous than explosives!

Timberborn Key Features:

  • Build a city with multiple districts with efficient production chains and overnight activities.
  • Choose one of the beaver factions and see how long you can keep them survive.
  • Use game-included maps or make your own and share them with others.
  • Each faction has its style, architecture, and gameplay characteristics.
  • Construct dams and floodgates, dig canals, and reroute rivers.
  • Wood is the most common building material used carefully.
  • See the life of simulated beaver residents.
  • Make plans for your new settlement.
  • Celebrate the birth of a newborn.

Timberborn PC Game Full Version Screenshots:

Timberborn PC Game Download Free Full Version 2022

Timberborn PC Game Download Free Full Version 2022

Timberborn PC Game Download Free Full Version 2022

Timberborn PC Game Download Free Full Version 2022

System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.7 GHz Or better.
  • OS: Windows 7, 8,10, 11 64-bit.
  • Memory: 4GB.
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon RX 460 Or better.
  • DirectX: Version 11 or any compatible version.
  • Storage: 4GB.

How to Download and Install Timberborn PC Game:

  1. First, click the Download button given below.
  2. Let the download begin and wait for it to download completely.
  3. Then, you will get the installer for “Timberborn. “
  4. Double click the Timberborn. EXE.
  5. Click next to select the specified installation directory.
  6. Wait for the complete installation on the specified directory.
  7. Finally, Have fun and play.
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