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Touhou Monster TD Free Download For PC 2022


Touhou Monster TD Free Download For PC 2022

Touhou Monster TD Free Download For PC is the latest installment of the Touhou Project Tower Defense Doujin Game. You can learn this game very quickly, but mastering it is very hard. Many critics like Houraisan Kaguya like this game and call it the best TD game. Everyone wants to play TD games, but unfortunately, due to a lack of technology or platform, many TD games come with shortcomings. These deficiencies could be bad graphics, complex interaction, or copying from other games. Use 15 plus combat units with additional features. To level up, you can also unlock new skills. All the graphics that you will experience during battle scenes like Moriya Shrine, Hakurei Shrine, Magical Forest, Scarlet Devil Mansion, Waterfall of Nine Heavens, The Human Village, Mist Lake, etc are designed with love and care.

Explore the whole world of Gensokyo in a new way. The developer of this game makes it for fun purposes, not for profit. To fully comprehend Touhou Universe, you must play it as your first choice. The game features 2D objects with light effects. The artistic style of the game becomes more interesting due to the 3D terrain. It gives you a feel of “Paper Cutting Style” because of the 3D effects. It’s wondrous to see our amazing characters with their towers. The game provides you with a large variety of towers, enemies, and levels. To meet the needs of all types of players, the game also features some more levels, including story, extra, and challenging levels. Fight with over 60 plus enemies, each with unique attributes and skills. To find a real TD game is a very hard task.

But now you don’t need to search further as we are presenting the much-awaited game “Touhou Monster TD”. The game is related to the classic tower defense game genre. Also, you can call it a strategy game. Click the button and, by walking around the map, get a true sense of the world presented in the game. Not only can you walk, but you can also jump and even carry around your combat unit. Finish extra missions at critical points by using your skills and get amazing rewards. Touhou Monster TD is a tower defense game unlike any other. Use your wisdom to combat incoming opponents by controlling your character, leveling up, and unlocking tower skills and character talents. Discover why the “Incident” occurred this time in Gensokyo. Based on the number of monthly active users or players, Touhou Monster TD was the most popular PC game in March 2022.

Touhou Monster TD Crack 2022 Free Download

Touhou Monster TD is a strategy game that can be played on Linux, Mac, and Windows by MyACG Studio. Touhou Monster TD was ranked 0 thousand hours watched on major streaming site Twitch in March 2022. Compare prices in the United States and save money on Touhou Monster TD Nagae Iku key! The Digital Download Code will allow you to download, install, and play Touhou Monster TD Nagae Iku straight on Steam on PC after obtaining a key from one of our reputable and licensed Game-Key Suppliers. Touhou Monster TD’s adventures take place in fantasy settings where fundamental games are played. The user will need to learn the battlefield tactics to combat the incoming waves of opponents. Rivka and design are created in an animatic two-dimensional manner and set in a bleak environment.

We must walk across a variety of arenas while exploring the surroundings. Players are transported to Hakuev’s temple, the magical forest, the people’s town, the foggy lake, the Scarlet Devilitsa’s mansion, the Nine Heavens Waterfall, and Moria. When embarking on a long journey, the player must keep an eye on the storyline while completing various chores. It interacts with the environment to develop a strong defense and participate in fight scenarios independently. The game blends the Tower Defense and role-playing genres, allowing you to freely travel around the map before preparing for the mission and directly during the opponent’s siege. Touhou Monster TD’s adventures take place in fantasy settings where the game’s main events take place.

On the battlefield, the user will have to plan out his strategy while fighting off waves of foes. The artwork is done in a two-dimensional, dark, anime-style environment. You must walk across a variety of venues while investigating the surroundings. Hakurei Temple, Magic Forest, Human Village, Misty Lake, Scarlet Devil’s Mansion, Nine Heaven Falls, and Moria are all accessible to players. While on a long journey, the player must keep track of the story’s progress while performing alternating tasks. To construct an effective defense and participate in fight scenarios on your own, you’ll need to actively interact with the environment. The game blends the tower defense genre with a role-playing element, letting you freely wander about the region both before and during the enemy siege.


  • Enjoy a much-awaited TD game after a long time.
  • Learning this game easily but mastering it is very hard.
  • The best TD game of its genre.
  • A strategy game with classic tower defense elements.
  • Play with a controllable character and explore the world of Gensokyo.
  • 2D objects with amazing 3D terrain.
  • Fight with 60 plus enemies and use 15 plus combat units.
  • Level up your skills with plenty of unlockables.
  • An amazing game that you must play as your first choice.

Touhou Monster TD Free Download For PC Screenshots:

Touhou Monster TD Free Download For PC 2022

Touhou Monster TD Free Download For PC 2022

Touhou Monster TD Free Download For PC 2022

Touhou Monster TD Free Download For PC 2022

System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Quad-Core CPU or higher.
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher.
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 512MB Graphic Card or Better.
  • DirectX: Version 9.0 or any newer version.
  • Storage: 2GB.

How to Download and Install Touhou Monster TD Free:

  1. First, to start the installation process, click on the download button below.
  2. After that, unzip the files and get the .exe setup file.
  3. Run the game installer (.exe) and select an installation directory.
  4. Then allow the game to save in your device’s specified directory.
  5. Finally, play the game and have fun.
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