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Trap Genesis Free Download Full Version PC Game 2022

Trap Genesis Free Download Full Version PC Game 2022

Trap Genesis Free Download Full Version PC Game is based on the final of the historic Trap series. Welcome to the unusual Universe of traps. The whole idea is based on the creation of this blessed world. A world where men, crossdressers, and gods can freely love each other. There is no limitation of love for anyone. Here is an excellent chance for all The Gamers to immerse themselves in this unique world. So get amazing rewards by showing your skills and love for everyone. There are different characters in this game. First, let us introduce you to Hinowa. Hinowa is an ancient goddess. She is a goddess of chaos and is the main heroine in this game.

As we know, our world is going to be engulfed in Darkness. So naturally, everyone is worried about these new circumstances. However, here is excellent news for all. The most beautiful goddess Hinky is about to take a final stand to save the world. Another character is Endou Mishiro. She is an Obsessed Sister and Crossdressing Shrine Maiden. She is in the role of a sister who works for her love’s sake. But she also has a potentially dangerous possessive streak of Darkness. She is struggling hard for a bond of love with Yui over her passion for Masato. But, unfortunately, now she is expecting love from the other side.

Trap Genesis Free Download PC Game 2022

Tamaki Is also crossdressing goddess. She is the sister of Yui and is also a hinky goddess. Her powers are different from Yui’s. She is helping Subaru to take over the Shrine. She falls in love with Masato. Masato is the chief priest of the Kotomusubi shrine. Yui, Mishiro, Subaru, and Tamaki are all his wives. But before starting his life with her four wives, he must take a firm stand against Hinowa’s world-ending threat. A long time ago, Tamaki and Subaru imposed a ban on love, but finally, peace is returning to the life of our favorite group. Now, this is the time to celebrate and spread love. Now that the crew has to figure out how to approach this goddess, they’re in a bind.

Mishiro, Subaru, Tamaki, and Yui joined the priest Masato’s harem. Their story’s constant companion, Hinowa, has now been elevated to the status of a Chaos Goddess. She has become a force to be reckoned with because of her enhanced abilities and more mature look. After all, Hinowa is a critical member of his harem. As a side note, he’ll also be paying attention to his other wives, all of whom have male reproductive systems. At first, she was very conservative about the love between men and crossdressers. But when she falls in love with Masato, she becomes a supporter and lover of this growing family. As a result, she is now clashing With Mishiro.

Trap Genesis PC Game Full Version Free Download

Hinowa’s clumsiness will help her get through this challenging predicament. Most of the novel humorously takes place as the gang deals with the antics of the Chaos Goddess and the upcoming festival. Yui Is a crossdressing goddess. She was sealed in the cave of the Kotomusubi shrine. Now she is facing the moniker of a hinky goddess. She is small, cute, and can run out of her power. Takatou Subaru Is the previous chief.

Yui’s sister and fellow transvestite. Yui is a Hinky goddess, but her abilities are radically different. After meeting Masato and falling in love with him, Yui decided that love surpassed everything when she returned to Earth to lock Yui and take over the Shrine for the third time. Nevertheless, it is disappointing to see issues like pregnancy or prophetic references to heteronormality carelessly tossed into the mix.

Trap Genesis Key Features:

  • Be a witness to the creation of a new blessed world.
  • Contains foul language and love between boy and boy.
  • Sexual humor, suggestive content, and alcohol abuse.
  • 2-4 hours of exciting gameplay.
  • Progress like a visual novel.

This goddess takes on a short, adorable form when she runs out of strength. The predecessor of Mishiro is the principal shrine maiden. At first, she was wary of embracing the love between males and transgender people. Still, after coming to terms with her feelings for Masato, she has become an integral family member, offering encouragement and support to everyone. She and Mishiro are engaged in a court battle regarding the faithful wife.

Trap Genesis Full Version PC Game Screenshots:

Trap Genesis Free Download Full Version PC Game 2022

Trap Genesis Free Download Full Version PC Game 2022

Trap Genesis Free Download Full Version PC Game 2022

Trap Genesis Free Download Full Version PC Game 2022

System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core 1.5Ghz Processor or better.
  • OS: Windows 7, 8,10, 11 64-bit.
  • Memory: 2GB.
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card Or better.
  • DirectX: Version 9.0 or any compatible version.
  • Storage: 1GB.

How to Download and Install Trap Genesis Free:

  1. First, click the Download button.
  2. Let the download begin and wait for its completion.
  3. Then, you will get the installer for “Trap Genesis.”
  4. Double click the “Trap Genesis.EXE.”
  5. Click next to select the directory for game installation.
  6. Wait for the complete installation on the specified directory.
  7. Finally, Have fun and play.
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